Tiny Skull Crossbones

name: sid

prns: he/him

age: 1X

location: 6 feet under

online time: uhh..too long?

insta tellonym tumblr

discord: casper#2815

About me

I'm really bad at introducing myself, so bare with me here. If you payed any attention to my homepage, you'll know my name is Sidney (you can just call me Sid). I'm just a teenage computer nerd who spends most of his time browsing the web.

I have a burning hatred towards modern social sites and those lame modernistic blogs everyone has for some reason (if any of you minimalist bastards are reading this, trust me. no one cares about your boring celeb drama blog).

I'm currently studying to learn the Japanese language and learn more about the culture (btw, if you see japanese words/sentences around the site, just hover over the text to see the translation)

All my life ive been way into gaming. i grew up playing games like frogger and call of duty with my grandfather (now that i think about it, playing war games as a 5yr old boy is probably what made me such a freak, huh...).

One thing i'm most enthusiastic about is music. im way into death metal and thrash metal, specifically slayer, megadeth, cannibal corpse, etc...

Thats all i have to say for now. See, told u i wasnt great at self introductions.


first person shooters, creepy gaming lore, drawing, monster energy, collectible figures, crime docs + true crime.


bigots, tiktok, people who r overly emotional, punks, 99% of ppl at my school.


the life and crimes of richard ramirez



Listening to:

sanitarium - metallica