meet the webmaster

I'm really bad at introducing myself, so bare with me here. If you payed any attention to my homepage, you'll know my name is Sidney (you can just call me Sid). I'm just a teenage computer nerd who spends most of his time browsing the web.

I have an intense hatred towards modern social sites and those lame modernistic blogs everyone has for some reason (if any of you minimalist bastards are reading this, trust me. no one cares about your boring celeb drama blog).

You might be wondering, what does this 'Sidney' plan on doing with this shithole?
well, he doesnt have a plan at the moment. Right now i just use this as a form of self expression, to show of how sick me and my interests are.

All my life ive been way into gaming. i grew up playing call of duty and hitman with my grandfather (now that i think about it, playing war games as a 5yr old boy is probably what made me such a freak, huh...).

One thing i'm most enthusiastic about is music. im way into death metal and thrash metal, specifically slayer, megadeth, cannibal corpse, etc...

I'm currently studying to learn japanese, a language i've always found quite interesting. I find japanese culture (and most non-american cultures for that matter) very intriguing and hope to travel the world one day.

Thats all i have to say for now. See, told u i wasnt great at self introductions.


slayer, megadeth, cannibal corpse, morbid angel, deftones, silencer, rammstein, the black dahlia murder, unter null, thy art is murder.


gothika, final destination, zombieland, 6 years, crime docs (do those even count as movies...?), my friend dahmer, suicide room, x-men