Tiny Skull Crossbones



(ready for a good old cheezy rant about my crush?? well, too bad)

you know when you have a crush on someone that gives you butterflies with just their mere existence?

well, there's a boy in my 6th hour that always makes me blush. (cant believe im saying this, but thank GOD for masks at a time like this) i REALLY really like him, but the awkward part is that he's the weird kid. but he's not really "weird," i'd say "different" is the word. i see alot of myself in him, all the good parts.

something about his long blonde hair and blue eyes truly steals my attention. it's too easy to find myself staring at him during class. i always want to talk to him because i feel bad, he really doesnt have many friends but he makes me nervous. i'm not the nicest person, but i relate to him so much and just want to see him happy.

anyways, this school year is treating me so much better than the past ones. im not just the odd so-called "emo" guy that sits in the back of the class blasting blink-182 in my shitty dollar store headphones anymore, for some reasson people talk to me, which is a compliment i guess but damn things are so much different when your classmates actually like you.




been a while, eh? thats only cuz ive been SUPER lazy and havent had much inspiration for the site lately. for those of you wondering, clearly im not dead, just bored.

i plan on making a bunch of updates in the near future, plus a fuck ton of all new pages. (for realz this time)

anyways, nothing too interesting has happened in the past week or so. i start school in 3 days. hella nervous and hella excited simultaneously. i did move into a new bedroom tho. no more grungy mouse infested basement.


just cleaned my room for...maybe the first time in a year. i dont mean like, picking up trash like every few days. i ACTUALLY went thru and deep cleaned this shit hole. still have a lot to do but at least you can at least kinda see the floor

i think my japanese is getting a bit better. i know to introduce myself and ask only so many questions.

translation: hello, my name is sidney. this is my website

thats all i really know off the top of my head.

alright, i should probably take my ass to bed now.




first entry in the new blog...
i kinda hated the way the blog used to look, but ive fixed it, and decided to completely wipe it out and have a fresh start.
i dont have anything interesting today, l8r