Tiny Skull Crossbones



the BCW neocities page hit 100 followers!!

ive worked pretty hard on this site, and im SO glad 100+ people enjoy what ive done. im rlly at a loss for words, but damn im proud.

ty to my mutuals n everyone who followed, yall r sick. ty again!!



this school year is treating me so much better than the past ones. im not just the odd so-called "emo" guy that sits in the back of the class blasting blink-182 in my shitty dollar store headphones anymore, for some reasson people talk to me, which is a compliment i guess but damn things are so much different when your classmates actually like you.




been a while, eh? thats only cuz ive been SUPER lazy and havent had much inspiration for the site lately. for those of you wondering, clearly im not dead, just bored.

i plan on making a bunch of updates in the near future, plus a fuck ton of all new pages. (for realz this time)

anyways, nothing too interesting has happened in the past week or so. i start school in 3 days. hella nervous and hella excited simultaneously. i did move into a new bedroom tho. no more grungy mouse infested basement.


just cleaned my room for...maybe the first time in a year. i dont mean like, picking up trash like every few days. i ACTUALLY went thru and deep cleaned this shit hole. still have a lot to do but at least you can at least kinda see the floor

i think my japanese is getting a bit better. i know to introduce myself and ask only so many questions.

translation: hello, my name is sidney. this is my website

thats all i really know off the top of my head.

alright, i should probably take my ass to bed now.




first entry in the new blog...
i kinda hated the way the blog used to look, but ive fixed it, and decided to completely wipe it out and have a fresh start.
i dont have anything interesting today, l8r