Tiny Skull Crossbones

10/28/21: finished most of the graphics pages + updated art page !! 6/22/21: Started doing daily polls!! Check in daily and asnwer the poll of the day! 6/17/21: The BCW blog is back up. 6/16/21:Updated about page. CHECK IT OUT!! 5/26/21: Added updates log, added a few new things.


hey!! welcome to blood covered webcam. Before you get frightned, this is NOT a gore site or the dark web. i wont hack you or steal your personal info, i promise. I'm sidney, the webmaster of BCW here to revive the forgotten creativity and originality of the old web.

I'm still learning HTML and am aware of the mess of this cyberspace, im very much a beginner so pls be patient with me.

Be sure to leave a note in the Guestbook and tell me what u think!!

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