Non-mutuals/other sites i like

welcome to the links page. here i'll just be showing off some cool links ive found across the web. enjoy browsing !

one of the many animated text generators you can find.

add a comment box to ur homepage

pretty sick customizable html music player

add falling objects to your site with an adorable on/off switch

awesome javascript and html effects for ur site!

pretty self explanatory...make urself some word art

Lethal Dosage:

interesting band site. they never uploaded any music but their about section is interesting.

Guest Stories:

spooky scary ghost stories submitted by...whoever.

Past Dyehards of the Month:

photo gallery of the manic panic dyehards of the past.


slipknot fansite with song meanings, band photos, + a metric fuck ton more. ive got a bunc of thse so be aware

what used to be a live chatroom to chat about ghost encounters. not sure the servers are still active but its pretty cool

Gay Wrestling Webring:

yeah uhh....dont question how i find this shit

The Sic Realm of Slipknot:

less about slipknot, more about how much this guy hates fred durst

Goth Maker:

self-explanitory, yet again. make yaself a goth gf

YummieLicious Goth Maker:

i presume these link summaries r gna be rather redundant eh?