You may notice this page is a bit different than the rest of my site, that is because ive deticated this one to the loml, PANSY!!!!

He wanted me to make him his own page here it is!!!

I met Pansy on,,,,a knock-off myspace site where you can make profiles and interact with others. I made lots of friends on that site, but I talked to Pansy the most cuz he's a hot sexy loser like me. We started dating January 5th, 2021 and ever since then, i've been the happiest ive ever been <3

Pansy really likes bunnies (btw, if you could e-mail me pictures of cute bunnies to show pansy, that would very very epic) and he CONSTANTLY annoys me by asking me if he can send me pics of bunnies. Him and i also share an interest in collecting bones. We imagine running away together some day and collecting bones to keep in our big gothic mansion in the woods. It's not very realistic but,,,we think it sounds fun.

His favorite bands are Bauhaus, Christian Death, Bathory, and Darkthrone. We dont really share the same music taste, he calls Cannibal Corpse and death metal "scary" cuz hes a dumb idiot and only listens to goth music.

That's all for now...